Throughout my life, I often find myself wondering, "Why things are the way they are?" or "What are people my age doing in other countries?" and "Why are they doing what they are doing?". I believe these curiosities were the genesis of my interest in anthropology -- without even realizing it. When I registered for my first anthropology class, 'Introduction to Cultural Anthropology', I can honestly say that I knew nothing about the subject. Quickly, however, I became fascinated learning about perspectives and cultural practices can differ so drastically as you move across space. As the earth continues to become more and more globalized, the importance of understanding culture becomes exponentially more imporant. 

My first major anthropology project at the University of Richmond took place in a course titled, 'Ethnographic Methods'. It was during this class that I was given the opportunity to practice my anthropological field methods in a study of my choosing. For three months, I chose to observe, study and participate in football fan culture and tailgate culture at the University of Richmond. This experience culminated in my production of a full ethnography -- one of the assignments I have worked the hardest on during the past four years. It was also a great experience as I was able to combine something I love (sports) with my academics. Since that class, I have enjoyed applying what I have learned in classes such as 'Anthropology of Tourism' and 'Bringing Human Rights Home' to my everyday interactions.