Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life
— Confucius

The origins of my interests in marketing and culture can potentially be traced back to when I was 13, when I met Dr. Clotaire Rapaille. Dr. Rapaille is a legendary consultant who was at the forefront of combining marketing research with the principles of psychology, sociology, and anthropology. My father, who had brought me along to a New York meeting with Dr. Rapaille, shared an anecdote that peaked my interest:

In the 1970’s, Nestlé was trying (with little success) to create a market for coffee in Japan. Searching for answers,  Nestlé enlisted the help of Dr. Rapaille, who used anthropological research methods to assess the Japanese situation and diagnose why Nestlé was having trouble selling coffee in that culture. 

Through his research, Rapaille found that because Japan had such a strongly ingrained “cultural code” for tea, Nestlé’s coffee introduction would have to start from scratch. By steadily integrating coffee flavors into other Japanese products, Rapaille helped Nestlé create a coffee “imprint” on Japanese culture. Over time, this cultural familiarity allowed Nestle to achieve much greater success. By 2012, Japan was the fourth largest importer off coffee materials — due, in part, to Dr. Rapaille’s innovative market research.

This is just one of many fascinating cases of how culture affects business decisions. 

Since my interest in marketing began at this early age, I have enjoyed spending time immersing myself in the nuances and practices of the marketing world. At the University of Richmond, I enjoyed learning in courses such as "Market Research & Analysis", "Sports Marketing", and "Integrated Marketing Communications". In these classes, I have gained experience working in teams, collecting and analyzing data, brand development, upwardly communicating with company owners and creating presentations. At the Copenhagen Business School, I enhanced my marketing knowledge through courses such as "Retail Marketing" and "Place Branding: Nations, Regions, and Cities". 

I have also gained valuable professional experience in the marketing and advertising industry through interning at Boathouse Group, an independent, full-service agency located just outside of Boston. I worked in the account management, creative, media, and strategy and research departments. 

Currently, I provide marketing support and web analytics to a management consulting firm in Harvard Square.