Christine spadafor, Mgt. consultant & speaker | spadaforclay group

“It is my pleasure to recommend Charlie Peterson to you. 

Mr. Peterson is a bright, hard-working young man with an infectious enthusiasm and eagerness for business, marketing, and communications. In assisting my firm - SpadaforClay, Inc., a Harvard Square management consulting firm - Charlie led social media data analysis and digital marketing projects for both my personal and company websites. His web analytics assisted in developing approaches for targeted prospective clients. 

Using applications such as Google Analytics and Squarespace, Charlie monitored online trends and provided insights on multiple social media platforms. Charlie’s efforts better informed me about the interests and preferences of my website visitors—valuable guidance for anyone who wants to optimize their online presence. 

I encourage you to give Charlie your closest consideration for a position with your company.”

Brent Clark, Co-Founder & Managing Director | Arcadia Funds, LLC

“Charlie did a great job on a challenging assignment in an area with which he had no previous experience or background. Charlie is a high caliber individual who I can recommend highly”

Colt Navins, Assistant Treasurer | Cambridge Trust Bank

“Charlie had very good customer service skills and was well-liked by our customers as well as his co-workers. He was always willing to take on any task when asked, and if uncertain about a task would ask questions to be sure he handled it properly. He was prompt, worked diligently, and demonstrated a positive attitude and willingness to learn. I thus am happy to be able to recommend Charlie to any future employer.”

Stephen Hinds, Headmaster and Teacher | The Meadowbrook School

“Charlie is a young person of character and he is a disciplined student-learner...His good manners and friendly demeanor, along with the traits identified above, translate to you having an employee you can depend on and befriend...An employee must be loyal, trustworthy, and conscious of time, these are all Charlie traits.”

Pete Pedersen, Founder & CEO | Renova Partners — Environmental Consulting (Family Friend)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Charlie Peterson since he came to Wellesley nearly ten years ago. Charlie has been a frequent guest in our home, and on several occasions we have entrusted him with the care of our house and pets.  I also supervised Charlie’s volunteer efforts for our church as he cheerfully helped prepare meals for hundreds of homeless people.  Charlie loves sports, and I have always enjoyed his participation in activities ranging from pond hockey to kayaking to Boy Scout camping and hiking. I’m confident that Charlie would make a fine employee.”

Michael Snoddy, Teacher/Coach & Employer | Basketball Camp

“Whenever I had to delegate responsibility, Charlie was a student I knew I could rely upon...He would be a reliable and courteous employee.”